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I have been waiting for this update to Tweetdeck since the announcement by Twitter of the changes to ReTweets and the development of the Twitter Lists. I wasn’t sure how it would be handled by Tweetdeck as it basically already allowed Groups and it seems like they have done a great job in working out a solution to this possible clash by allowing you to convert your current Tweedeck groups into a twitter list or keeping it private in Tweetdeck itself.

The thing is, and in a surprisingly quiet move, Tweetdeck have also went one step further and integrated LinkedIn status updates to the software, something that the other desktop apps currently neglect or are developing. Quite a shrewd move!

The New Tweetdeck Features list

Twitter Lists

Follow, create and manage both public and private Twitter Lists from within TweetDeck. Export your old TweetDeck Groups to Twitter Lists and add new columns to monitor your favourite Lists using a slick new interface.


Add a configurable LinkedIn column to view updates from your network, send status updates & view profiles easily.


Perform both new-style and traditional retweets with ease. All retweets are now visible in your TweetDeck columns.


Instantly locate your Twitter friends by showing an online map for those tweets that have been geo-tagged

And of course the video detailing the new updates and explaining how to set up all your new features.

Well, all these changes may be dramatic and a little confusing at first but it has solidified Tweetdeck for me as the software of choice for managing my accounts and staying up to speed on the latest information and my social networks. Its installed now so I’m clicking buttons and adding accounts, maybe you should be checking it out as well, you can download the new version on Have fun and speak to you soon!

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